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Our focus at Spring is to create the happiest version of you and by combining the power of movement with authentic social connection, we’re creating a space where you can build strength, confidence and empowering friendships.

Our trainer's don’t take themselves too seriously, but the knowledge and expertise of our instructors ensures you get the absolute most out of your workout.

In all class types, you are guaranteed a specific, well targeted workout leaving you feeling energised and a little (sometimes a lot) sore. As your relationship with your trainer blossoms, your group environment will begin to feel more and more individualised. Whether you feel like being pushed to your limits or just feel like a lowkey class to get the blood pumping, the experience of our instructors gives them the specific skills to understand every client and cater specifically to every individual.

Spring is a studio that combines the attention to detail of a PT with the infinite social benefits of group fitness in a non-judgemental space. Where everyone is welcome, chatter is necessary to help us through those last few reps and our ultimate goals are good times, strong, fit bodies and clear, positive minds.

Don't forget, It's always sunny at Spring.