The reformer and your body will become one as you engage the tensioned springs to create resistance that flows through the entirety of your body. Spring resistance is a low impact, gentle method of movement.


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Spring Classic is our signature class, it’s a 45-minute, full body reformer workout.

Throughout the class there is a combination of the entire Spring offering (Core, Cardio, Muscular and Flow.)

It’s a full body burn. 

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Sometimes we just need to slow down.

Our Slow Flow class incorporates slow, stability-based movements targeting your stabilising muscles around your body.

Using light resistance to challenge your body. A fusion of reformer and mat, 45 minutes of deep localised muscle burns.

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& Cream

This one’s our personal favourite.


This 30-minute class will work all of your booty muscles,
not only will this leave your peach juicy, but glute health is vital in keeping you fit, strong and healthy.

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Cardio classes, need we say more?

Heartbreaker is a fast paced, tempo-based class with the focus on elevating your heart rate and working those fast twitch fibres. Bring a towel because this one is 35-minutes of sweat.

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Abs, Abs, Abs.

This 30-minute abdominal class is perfect for the time sensitive go-getter. The Hardcore workout utilises the reformers, mat & TRX bands in a circuit style class where you will learn to engage and build endurance through your core in a range of different ways.


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We understand a Pilates studio can be a daunting place for some men, this inspired us to create a safe, inclusive space for men to practice Pilates.

Our male only Jerry Springer’s are exactly that. A hell of a reformer workout that will leave you wondering why the hell you thought this was only for girls in the first place?

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If reformer Pilates isn’t your cup of tea, our ‘Unsprung’ classes will lead you through a range of exercises using only the resistance of your body weight.

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Our Vinyasa Yoga class is created to help instil clarity of mind and draw your energy inwards, the session will flow through sequences and poses focusing on Chaturanga, engaging the core and building heat.

You will find yourself flowing through transitions yet creating a level of presence and intention to each pose.

Concluding with a guided Savasana to truly immerse yourself in your own moment.

Suitable for absolutely anybody and everybody.

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Ground yourself with our 45-minute body weighted mat Pilates flow.

These classes incorporate only small equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells and chi balls

Teaching you old school Pilate’s principles through body weight and control.

Don’t let appearances deceive you, the mat doesn’t look as intimidating as the reformer,

but these classes will challenge your body in new ways.The perfect adjunct to resistance work.

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and Bubs

Pre and Post-natal classes run by Physiotherapist and studio owner
Lauren Sebastiani

All classes will be capped at six participants in order for us to give you the special attention you deserve during this wonderful time.

The class will be structured in a semi-tailored fashion and of course basinette’s and prams are more than welcome. 

T&C's: Pre-screening, "Authorisation to Exercise" Form required prior to class attendance for pre-natal mums. "Return to Exercise Authorisation Exercise Form" required for post-natal mums. 

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